The muleros traveled daily with the drug from Ceuta to Algeciras

The National Police located in Algeciras a “nursery” used by muleros to expel and store hashish

They left Ceuta in groups formed by about 10 or 15 people, each transporting between 300 and 1,000 grams of hashish, to go to a house in Algeciras where they expelled the drug

During the house search, the National Police arrested two people and 10,500 kilograms of hashish and 5,950 euros intervened

August 23, 2019 Agents of the National Police have dismantled in Algeciras a house used by a criminal group of “muleros” or “human mails” to expel and store hashish. The narcotic transport was carried out from Ceuta through individuals who, distributed in groups of about 10 or 15 people, traveled daily with amounts of about 300 and 1,000 grams hidden in their genital cavities. Once in Algeciras, the drug was distributed to different parts of the peninsula.

Intervened 10 and a half kilograms of hashish

The National Police initiated the investigation by obtaining information related to an address of Algeciras that could be serving as hashish storage from Ceuta. A discrete police surveillance device was then established with the objective of fully identifying those involved and dismantling the organization.

The researchers found that the people who exercised human mail crossed the border by extreme security measures, leaving Ceuta at different times and changing vehicles to divert attention and avoid being discovered.

Upon arriving in Algeciras, they were going to a house used as a nursery, where the muleros expelled the substance that would later be distributed to the rest of the national territory.

From the first moment, the agents verified that the entrances and exits of people were frequent, which made it anticipate that some type of criminal activity could be occurring inside. Several days ago, two people left this address suspiciously. During the follow-up, the agents verified that both were walking without a specific direction and in a vigilant attitude. At a certain moment, they changed direction and entered a booth in the area showing an elusive attitude, so they both were identified.

Given the possibility that an illegal activity could be carried out at that address, they were accompanied to the house to make a voluntary registration by both persons. Inside there were several brown packages wrapped in transparent plastic and containing a total of 10,500 kilograms of hashish as well as 5,950 euros in cash. The two people were arrested.

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