In the Cadiz town of San Fernando

The National Police dismantles a plantation with more than 2000 marijuana plants in the Fadricas Industrial Estate

The four detainees formed a perfectly structured criminal organization and had highly sophisticated facilities where the cultivation of marijuana was carried out in large quantities for later distribution

The specialization of this plantation lies in the staggered cultivation of the plant, in different rooms within the warehouse, which allowed to obtain benefits monthly

Citizens can collaborate to eradicate these types of crops by denouncing it at or through the website, where there is a specific section for this purpose.

July 31, 2019 National Police agents have arrested four people in San Fernando (Cádiz) as alleged perpetrators of drug trafficking, illegal association and fraud of electric fluid following the discovery of an industrial building, in which a crop had been installed with more than 2,000 marijuana plants. The ship where the organization operated had an area of ​​400 square meters and was located in the Industrial Estate of Fadricas. This operation is part of the "Green Operation" designed by the National Police to reduce the capacity of action of criminal organizations dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana.

The investigation began several weeks ago after a strong smell of marijuana was detected that came from the area where several industrial buildings were located and that could only be perceived when specific weather conditions occurred. This fact made it difficult for the agents to find the exact location of the crop, also due to the numerous industrial and local warehouses in the area, many of them empty or with little industrial activity.

As a result of the efforts made, the researchers discovered the exact location, as well as the identity of the alleged perpetrators of the illegal activity. After collecting the necessary incriminating evidence, a search of the investigated ship was made. Inside it was located a macroplantation divided into different watertight departments by means of thermal insulators and the installation of air conditioners, filters, high voltage lamps and fans with which the optimum conditions for rapid plant growth had been achieved.

All this with the aim of allowing the "keepers" to carefully control the light, temperature and humidity of the plants and, in addition, to hide the strong smell characteristic of these crops thanks to the extraction systems. Due to the degree of technification of the installation, it was impossible to be detected by workers and clients of the said polygon, as well as the possible police presence. Apart from the large number of plants intervened, fertilizers and other utensils destined for the illegal production of marijuana, a high-end vehicle and cash have been seized.

Illegal coupling to the electricity supply to supply the installation

This criminal modality entails a loss for the citizen, which has become evident after the inspection of the technician of the electricity supply company, for the bulky fraud of electric fluid, reaching to consume more than 35,000 watts illegally, whose payment is assumed by the whole of citizenship.

Once the police report was completed, the detainees along with the intervened effects were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number three of San Fernando, whose owner after hearing the investigators in declaration decreed the entry into prison for three of them and freedom with charges for the room arrested.

Anonymous complaints to eradicate marijuana plantations

National Police agents work to detect, identify and detain people engaged in drug trafficking. Citizens can also collaborate to eradicate this type of marijuana plantations by reporting it through or on the website where there is a specific section for this purpose.

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