El vicesecretario de Participación, Jaime de Olano, en Foz (Lugo)

• “Spain does not deserve a government in which half of the coalition is imputed and neither that, given the problems suffered by Spaniards, is on vacation. Spain deserves an Executive that activates the country and exercises its responsibility "

• The PP Deputy Secretary for Participation demands that Iglesias "come out and show his face" after Podemos' imputation and reproves that Sánchez does not demand public responsibilities from him

• “Iglesias, that talkative man who demanded transparency and regeneration, hides behind the walls of his dacha in Galapagar and La Moncloa. Sánchez protects him under his wing ”, he asserts

• Criticizes the government's inaction while outbreaks increase, the number of infected and hospitalized, and Spain leads all possible negative statistics

• Regrets that Spain is experiencing a particularly harsh tourist season and that it is described by other EU members as an unsafe country

• Reiterates the proposals that the PP has transferred to the Government in health, legal and economic matters to face the crisis, while criticizing that Sánchez has spent more than a hundred days without calling Casado

• He disapproves of the "arrogance" of the Government, whose "political action is based on propaganda." "The Spanish know that pride and propaganda do not fix problems," he adds.

• It highlights that Sánchez and Iglesias have the “merit” of having agreed with all the parties, mayors and spokespersons against the “requisition of money from neighbors” that the Government intends to “perpetrate”

• Reproach that some mayors and presidents of the PSOE deputation have chosen “loyalty to Sánchez, instead of loyalty to the neighbors”, by positioning themselves in favor of the royal decree on the use of remnants of the municipal treasury

• He remembers the victims of the attacks of 17-A and insists on the need to maintain the permanent, revisable prison and the citizen security law to prevent this type of "execrable" acts from being repeated

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