El vicesecretario de Participación, Jaime de Olano

He emphasizes that Galicia is the “only region in Europe in which absolute majorities are renewed” and affirms that the management of eleven years of government has been rewarded and also that carried out during the pandemic

He regrets that, after the "unheard of" pact of the PSOE with Bildu to repeal the labor reform, the nationalists and independence activists have risen in yesterday's elections, making them "valid interlocutors".

He assures that Sánchez and Iglesias were the "great defeated" last night. “It is proof that citizens are seeking moderation and common sense. The most reasonable offer is that of the PP, "says Olano, for whom the PSOE" has become more radical in its approaches to the left. "

He opposes the state pacts proposed by Casado and the support of his party to three of the extensions of the state of alarm, against a Sánchez who does not want to agree with the PP, as he recognized last week in the Corriere della Sera.

"Beyond government propaganda, President Casado and the PP are demonstrating, with facts, good sense, common sense and the search for agreements, but also the denunciation of what does not work well."

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