Jaime de Olano, durante el Pleno en el Congreso

Holders of his speech:

  1. The Deputy Secretary of the PP, Jaime de Olano, replies to the Government that the reality of the crisis denies his mantra that they will not leave anyone behind, because they are already leaving behind millions of Spaniards: self-employed, companies, mothers, communities and municipalities …

  2. He urges the Executive to admit that his mantra has fallen to "not continue improvisation after improvisation until the complete disaster."

  3. He points out that the Government's action in this crisis "with continuous lurching" has led Spain "to the height of improvisation and legal insecurity and only generates more insecurity than confidence, more doubts than certainty."

  4. He accuses Sánchez of lacking "a serious and rigorous Plan that generates confidence and certainty in the Spanish, who feel abandoned by their Government."

  5. He stresses that "Spain does not need a government dedicated to blaming the whole world – experts, the EU, the Autonomous Communities and the opposition – but leadership." "And at the sight it is that it does not have it, certainly not in this Government", he adds.

  6. He reproaches Vice President Calviño for "the sad balance of economic policy" of the Executive until the entry of the Coronavirus crisis.

  7. To the economic vice president: "We have been loyal to the Government, much more than you have been to us on other occasions and much more than your partners are, but above all we are loyal to the Spanish, to whom we We must, and that's why we say 'Not like this'.

  8. He warns that if Sánchez continues hand in hand with the impoverishing communism of Podemos in this crisis, "the consequences will be devastating for Spain."

  9. It calls on the Government to attend to the thousands of initiatives on Coronavirus presented in Congress by the Popular Group, which has experience and knows how to manage: "Listen more to Casado than to Iglesias, the Spanish will thank you."

  10. Urge the government to stop lying to the Spanish: "We do not deserve more lies, tell us the truth without euphemisms or non-existent green shoots."

  11. To Calviño: "You yourself came to affirm, on March 4, that 'the impact in Spain of the Coronavirus would be insignificant and transitory', when analysts estimate that the fall in GDP in the first quarter had been -12%. How can you say you didn't see it coming? ”

  12. He sends a message of "admiration and gratitude" to health professionals, of solidarity with the sick, of support for the families of the deceased, and demands that the Government declare official mourning: "We do believe that they are worthy of this modest tribute" .

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