He criticizes that Sanchez "is doing an intense electoral campaign and gives the feeling that he thinks more in new elections than in the investiture"

He accuses Sánchez of "seeking unconditional adherence to his person" to form a government and "not the consensus or the pact."

He criticizes that Pedro Sánchez is not taking "true and sincere steps in the search for an agreement because his words do not match the facts." "He is not trying to file harshness with his declared natural ally, which is Podemos."

"You cannot solemnly say that you have to avoid elections and at the same time not take a single step along that line and that is what Sánchez is doing," he says.

Stresses the contradiction of Pedro Sánchez, who yesterday said he did not want to depend on the independence to be invested, when the PSOE "has agreed with how much independence in Spain in Catalonia, Navarra, Galicia or the Balearic Islands."

He accuses Sánchez of "trying to create in public opinion the feeling that he is not to blame" and reminds him that the King entrusted him to form a government and it is he "who has to seek support and is not doing it."
Stresses that "the economy and job creation are slowing alarmingly" so Spain needs a government to put the front of the reforms and not a busier executive in the "battle of the story to see who seems guilty of the electoral repetition, that in forming government ”.

He emphasizes that the Díaz Ayuso project “looks to the future” and will make Madrid continue to be a tractor community in the rest of Spain in which freedom, low taxes and social services of the highest quality continue to prevail

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