El vicesecretario de Participación, Jaime de Olano

He highlights that the information published today "only confirms what all public and private institutes have been saying throughout these months: that the actual number of deceased exceeded 40 thousand people"

Criticizes that "Spain is the leader in the number of infected toilets, in deaths per million inhabitants, and according to experts, it will be the country that suffers the most from the economic point of view"
He claims that the Spaniards deserve that Sánchez tell "for once the truth and humbly admit the mistakes made so as not to repeat them again in the event of outbreaks"
"Pablo Casado, who is loyal to the Spaniards and has made an offer when something is not right, does not twitch, but someone who rejects that offer. He does not twitch who asks that the real number of deceased be counted to the Spaniards but who remains silent and hides the number of deaths, "he says.
He points out that Pablo Casado has been holding out his hand for months and proposing to the Government to make legal modifications to provide the communities with adequate measures to contain the new infections
He regrets the inaction of Sánchez "who washes his hands" and does not adopt measures with respect to the Barajas airport, which is the main gateway for tourists to Spain
He accuses Sánchez of having been lying to the citizens of A Mariña about the situation of Alcoa for two years and warns that more than a thousand jobs are at risk and is the main industry of the region and Lugo
Remember that Pablo Casado has promised to approve any measure that allows Alcoa to continue producing. "Never has a government had it so easy," he says.

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