· Stresses that Casado has offered Sánchez up to eleven State pacts and affirms that the PP will make a “firm and proactive opposition” to solve the problems that are accumulating due to the “paralysis” of the Government that Sánchez is causing.

He points out that unemployment, the slowdown of the economy or the retention of 7,000 million euros by the Government to the autonomous communities are "real problems of the Spanish" in whose solution the PP will always collaborate.
He says that "Sanchez has abandoned the constitutionalist parties and has thrown himself in the arms of that amalgam of parties that want to destroy Spain to be four more years in Moncloa" and recalls that he already relied on them to move forward with the motion of censure and subsequent agreements to approve PGE and royal decrees.

He cites as the "last example" of this is the Government of Navarra and warns that until now the PSOE had not dared to agree to an autonomous government with Bildu.
He criticizes that María Chivite is going to advise a person who was part of Herri Batasuna.
He considers that the possibility that the PSOE refrain from a pact of PP and Citizens "is nothing strange" and is what the Socialists ask the Popular Party.
Stresses the “effort, insistence and good work” of Díaz Ayuso to achieve a government pact in Madrid so that freedom, low taxes and high quality public services continue to prevail in this community

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