Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and Deputy Speaker of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, has requested the appearance of the Secretary of State for the Environment and the Deputy Director General for Infrastructure and Technology to report on the conduits of the Béznar and Rules dams and of its environmental impact study, an infrastructure forgotten by the governments of the last 20 years despite being of vital importance for the Costa Tropical and that would bring the farmers of the region out of ruin.

The deputy for Granada, in each request, has asked those responsible for the ‘Basic Project of the Pipelines Derived from the Béznar-Rules Dam System’ to explain the real situation of the dammed water pipes. “Instead of irrigating thousands of hectares of subtropical fruits and revitalizing the plain of our Coast, we have the largest and most expensive swimming pool in Europe, which is one more example of the incompetence of the Government of Spain, which has done absolutely nothing to solve the problems of the Granada countryside ».

Macarena Olona, ​​who this weekend was meeting with representatives of the irrigation communities of the Costa Tropical, recalled that in February a solution to this problem was demanded and the response of the General Sub-Directorate of Infrastructure and Technology was that "Until the favorable environmental impact statement is issued, it is not possible to advance in the execution of any of the actions of the Béznar-Rules pipeline project", a reply that outrages the deputy for Granada and demonstrates "the negligence of the Pedro Sánchez's social-communist executive and contempt for the farmers and businessmen of the Costa Tropical ».

For VOX, “there is an unjustified delay in the water pipes, despite the fact that the Béznar-Rules dam system was concluded in 2004, since there is no information on the economic items foreseen for this project and the anguishing situation that the Granada countryside suffers, itself very affected by the drought ”.

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