The secretary general of the VOX Parliamentary Group, Macarena Olona, ​​visited the youth hostel in Víznar (Granada) this Friday, now a detention center for irregular immigrants, many of them in quarantine due to coronavirus.

“When illegal immigrants arrive here they are given by the Red Cross – which runs the shelter – a mobile phone, 100 euros and tobacco. The Council of Ministers has just granted 27 million euros in favor of the Red Cross to manage the illegal immigration suffered by the Spanish nation due to an irresponsible policy. From VOX we say that this municipality has been abandoned, that this mayor (representative of the United Left) has been abandoned and that the Spanish are abandoned when our borders are not defended. This Government does not have the legitimacy to demand from the Spanish the minimum additional effort that we have already faced when it carries out this irresponsible policy ”.

The general secretary of GP VOX has also denounced "the real consequences of an irresponsible immigration policy." “You have before you a mayor, the highest responsible for citizenship in the municipality, who belongs to Izquierda Unida, and a national deputy from Vox, who, without looking at ideologies, come to speak for the citizens. Do you know who suffers the consequences of that call effect that leads to a real invasion? The mayor, as head of the municipality, and who has no powers in immigration matters.

This government that forces Spaniards to go through extreme confinement like no other country in Europe – they force us to confine ourselves, to close companies – allows boats of 30-50 people, and these immigrants can roam the streets, despite being infected. It is the reality that the people of Víznar live ”.

Olona has also denounced how there are constant leaks in a center that has a capacity for 30 people, and is currently occupied by more than 60 illegal immigrants, for which, in addition, there are two civil guard patrols that permanently guard security . "Two of the 10 that at most the entire metropolitan area of ​​Granada has permanently held here."

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