Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, has urged the Government to call the tender to connect the Port of Motril by train and the capital of Granada, a project whose feasibility study has already been drawn up and which is essential for the coast of our province to come out of the economic and social isolation to which the administrations have been subjected for decades.

VOX today presented a Non-Law Proposal for the promotion of rail connections between the Port of Motril and the city of Granada, which will be discussed in the Committee on Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Congress of Deputies. «We demand that in 2021 the award of the construction project for the railway connection between the Port of Motril and the city of Granada be put out to tender, and that the aforementioned project be included in the Spanish National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the period 2021-2023, at object of being a beneficiary of the European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism ”, explained Macarena Olona.

Last Friday, representatives of VOX in the institutions «had the opportunity to know the specific details of the railway connection project between the Coast and Granada during a meeting with the Motril Port Authority, a meeting in which all parties agreed that it is a historic opportunity for the province of Granada ». The political representatives of VOX «we transfer our full support to the project and we acquire the commitment with the president of the Port of Motril to present -in the Public Institutions where we have representation- the necessary initiatives that materialize this connection,” the VOX deputy revealed. Pomegranate.

Macarena Olona, ​​on the other hand, has stressed that “the railway route between the Port of Motril and the capital of Granada would serve to strengthen the municipalities of the Coast; it would improve the connections with the rest of the towns of the province, its connection with Andalusia and Spain; it would promote the transport of goods and the increase in the export and import of products; it would enhance the mobility of citizens; it is an opportunity to combat depopulation; it would generate employment in all sectors and would backbone the economic activity of the province ”.

The general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, in turn, has sent a letter to the deputies elected by the constituency of Granada to transfer them and request support for the Proposition No. of Law presented today to boost connections railways between the Port of Motril and the city of Granada.

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