On this day, Real Madrid won its eighth Spanish Super Cup

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NEWS | 08/24/2020

On August 24, 2008 he won the title in the second leg against Valencia (4-2) at the Bernabéu.

On August 24, 2008, the Real Madrid conquered its eighth Spain Supercup against Valencia. Our team lost the first leg (3-2), but two goals from Van Nistelrooy in Mestalla they served to have the opportunity to go back in the Santiago Bernabeu.

In Madrid, those of Schuster they started the game with a goal against in the 33rd minute, but a penalty converted by Van Nistelrooy at the beginning of the second half he spurred on the team. Sergio Ramos, Of the network and Higuain turned the tie around (4-2) to add the eighth Spain Supercup to the madridista record.

IDA (Mestalla, 8/17/2008)
3- Valencia:
Hildebrand, Miguel, Alexis, Albiol, Moretti, Baraja (Manuel Fernandes, 75 '), Albelda, Silva, Joaquín (Pablo Hernández, 65'), Mata (Vicente, 71 ') and Villa.
2- Real Madrid: Casillas, Salgado (Sergio Ramos, 64 '), Heinze, Miguel Torres, Van der Vaart, De la Red, Diarra, Javi García, Robinho (Robben, 64'), Raúl (Guti, 74 ') and Van Nistelrooy.

(min. 13): Van Nistelrooy.
(min. 55): Bush.
(min. 58): Town.
(min. 67): Van Nistelrooy.
(min. 80): Vicente.

RETURN (Santiago Bernabéu, 8/24/2008)
4- Real Madrid
: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Heinze, Pepe, Miguel Torres (Drenthe, 64 '), Van der Vaart, Guti (De la Red, 79'), Diarra, Robben, Van Nistelrooy and Raúl (Higuaín, 79 ').
2-Valencia: Hildebrand, Miguel, Alexis, Albiol (Morientes, 82 '), Moretti, Baraja, Albelda, Silva, Mata (Vicente, 60'), Joaquín (Pablo Hernández, 68 ') and Villa.

(min. 33): Silva.
(min. 50): Van Nistelrooy, penalty.
2-1 (min. 76): Sergio Ramos.
(min. 85): Of the network.
(min. 88): Higuain.
(min. 90): Morientes.

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