On this day, Real Madrid won its fifth Spanish Super Cup

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NEWS | 08/23/2020

He was proclaimed champion against Barcelona after coming back in the second leg at the Bernabéu.

On August 23, 1997, the Real Madrid conquered his fifth Spain Supercup. The team coached by Heynckes lost the first leg at the Camp Nou (2-1), but left the tie open with a goal from Raul at minute 5.

On the return, the Whites came back and achieved a spectacular victory in the Santiago Bernabeu thanks to a doublet of Raul and the many of Mijatovic and Seedorf. That squad became the club's legend, as it ended the season with the seventh European cup against Juventus (0-1).

IDA (Camp Nou, 8/20/1997)
2- Barcelona:
Hesp, Reiziger, Nadal (Ferrer, 66 '), Sergi, Amunike (Ćirić, 71'), Giovanni, Guardiola, Amor, Sonny Anderson, Luis Enrique (Dugarry, 62 ') and Rivaldo.
1- Real Madrid: Cañizares, Chendo, Sanchís, Karanka, Roberto Carlos, Amavisca (Zé Roberto, 62 '), Jaime (Guti, 62'), Seedorf (Dani, 81 '), Suker, Mijatovic and Raúl.

0-1 (min. 5): Raul.
(min. 11): Nadal.
(min. 70): Giovanni, penalty.

RETURN (Santiago Bernabéu, 8/23/1997)
4- Real Madrid: Cañizares, Panucci, Karanka, Hierro, Roberto Carlos, Zé Roberto (Sanchís, 82 '), Guti (Jaime, 63'), Seedorf, Suker (Víctor, 73 '), Mijatovic and Raúl.
1- Barcelona: Hesp, Ferrer, Reiziger, Abelardo, Sergi, Figo, Giovanni, Guardiola, Amor (Ćirić, 71 '), Sonny Anderson (Dugarry, 68') and Rivaldo.

1-0 (min. 42): Raul.
(min. 54): Raul.
(min. 58): Mijatovic.
(min. 65): Seedorf.
(min. 80): Giovanni.

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