With this action, the ONCE joins again the awareness campaign to reduce accidents on the roads, at a time when civil society is an undisputed ally to advance on the road to safe mobility.

"Use the flashers" is the motto of the coupon on December 16, in reference to the importance of using these direction indicators to avoid accidents.

The day 17 includes the phrase 'Do not let him drive' in allusion to the responsibility we all have in not letting lead a person who has ingested some type of psychotropic substance.

"Keep the safety distance" is the motto of the coupon on Wednesday, December 18, to influence the importance of maintaining this space and avoid reaching with other vehicles.

Finally, the coupon on Thursday 19, has the phrase 'Use the mirrors', the great allies in driving that avoid incidents that can have lethal consequences on more than one occasion.

These messages can be seen in the 22 million coupons that are put on sale today and whose raffles will be held on December 16, 17, 18 and 19.

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