If you are reading this post it is probably because you are a fan of not to go, criminal, detective investigations and of course you like to get to the bottom of cases … however complicated they are.

So we invite you to join us in celebrating the centenary of birth from Hercules Poirot. Out of Agatha Christie's literary imagination, Poirot is one of the most stunning private detectives. Perhaps you have read all his cases, but today you may discover some data that you do not even suspect of the Belgian detective with the best groomed mustache. Can you come with us?

Why we adore Poirot

Let's go with some data that give us an idea of ​​the dimension of this character: 33 novels, 50 short stories, taken to the cinema on 11 occasions – the first in 1931, the most recent in 2017 and with the face of Kenneth Branagh – with his Own 13-season television series.

There is no doubt that Detective Hercules Poirot has captured our attention and, along with the character of Miss Marple, is one of the great figures in the detective literature of the great Agatha Christie. The public was so fond of him that although in 1930 the author had grown tired of him and said he was "insufferable" or "self-centered," she continued to write about him because it was due to his readers and what the readers wanted was to Poirot.

And there are several factors that make Hercules very special: he is a cunning, persistent, extremely neat guy… So much so that in The murder of Roger Ackroyd They take him for a hairdresser, for his prim manners and his pristine mustache. Or as his adventure companion, the inseparable Hastings, would say, "a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a gunshot wound."

His methods may not always be orthodox, but he always goes to the bottom of every case. For this reason, throughout his literary adventures, he does not hesitate to speak about relatives or ailments with witnesses to the cases, to win them over and obtain better information … Although these ailments and relatives do not always exist. We really know little about the true family of Poirot, except that he has a daughter named Judith, who appears in Curtain. Poirot's last case.

We do know that his dream is to retire to live a quiet life in the country and grow zucchini, something that, by the way, he gets to do in one of the books. In fact, he announces his imminent retirement in each case, but there is always something that makes him return to the ring. The adrenaline rush of research has you hooked, does that sound familiar to you, reader? 😜

Another curious fact is that some of the scenarios that appear in the novels are real (the crime scene in The Nasse House shrine it is actually the jetty for Agatha Christie's home in Greenway, Devon). Or that Poirot's own character is based on two fictional detectives of his time: Hercule Popeau —Born from the pen of Marie Belloc Lowndes— and Monsieur Poiret —Creation of Frank Howel Evans. In her memoirs Agatha Christie also cites as a great influence on her literature the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who at the same time claimed to be marked by the very deductive characters that Edgar Allan Poe had put on paper.

And it is that a good gray cell excites us as much as the good one of Hercules Poirot! If you want to put yours to work and see if you are bolder than the murderer, we invite you to celebrate 100 years of the Belgian detective hunting these novels.

The Poirot novels that you cannot miss this summer

Murder on the Orient Express

The Orient Express departs once more for the exotic landscapes it encounters on its route from Istanbul to Calais. However, this time the trip will not go as placidly as usual: the train will be blocked by snow and the body of a murdered passenger will appear. Luckily, Poirot is also there and, thanks to his gray cells, he will be able to put together a laborious puzzle that sheds light on this complicated case.

And an extra anecdote: Agatha Christie conceived this plot after she herself took the Orient Express and the train was trapped by the snow, giving way to a night of discomfort and uncertainty. Then he would rent a hotel room at the foot of the tracks to put the finishing touch to the novel. Today that room is a small museum dedicated to the author.

Death on the Nile

A famous case that tests the extreme lucidity of Hercules Poirot. During a pleasant vacation in Egypt, Detective Hercules Poirot meets Linnet and Simon, some of his acquaintances who are on their honeymoon in the land of the Pharaohs.

The charm of such wonderful days is broken when one morning, during a cruise on the Nile, the beautiful Linnet appears shot dead in the head.

Eight cases of Poirot

Don't miss out on this excellent selection of intricate mysteries. The lifeless body of an heiress lies in a train car. A popular young man is stabbed at a costume ball. An elderly woman suspects that she is being poisoned. A prince fears for his reputation when his girlfriend is known to be involved in a murder. The corpse of a lonely man who lived in an old mansion rests in his room with a shot to the head.

These are just some of the cases the Belgian detective is facing. Who but Poirot could solve them?

Date with death

They all had reason to wish for his death. They are all suspicious.

During a delightful trip to the Middle East, among the ruins of Petra, the body of the matriarch of the powerful Boynton family appears. The small mark of a puncture on the wrist is the only proof that she has been killed.

Detective Hercules Poirot will have to face, once again, the challenge of solving a murder with more suspects than clues. And it is that many could wish for the death of the tyrannical Mrs. Boynton, possessor of a coveted fortune. Poirot, despite the complexity of the case, intends to find the murderer in less than twenty-four hours, thus initiating an investigation that will lead to the most unexpected outcome. Are you going to miss it?

Blood in the pool

Everyone is suspicious and at the same time a victim of love. What mystery awaits our detective this time? Lucy Angkatell invites Hercules Poirot to lunch. To play a prank on the Belgian detective, his guests pretend a murder by the pool. Unfortunately, the victim does not play a role. As he is dying and his blood runs to the water, John Christow utters one last word: "Henrietta." Amid the confusion of the incident, a gun sinks to the bottom of the pool.

This time Poirot faces a complex network of love relationships. The weight of suspicion falls on all the guests.

Tragedy in three acts

This will be one of the most puzzling cases in Poirot's career. Sir Charles Cartwright should have thought twice before inviting thirteen people to his home for dinner. For the evening ends with one of the guests dead after having eaten a cocktail in which no trace of poison is found.

So far, nothing that can surprise the Belgian detective. What is surprising to Poirot is that there is not a single reason that can explain the murder …

The murder of Roger Ackroyd

If there is a book that cannot be missing from this selection, it is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, nothing more and nothing less than the book that launched Agatha Christie to fame.

Roger Ackroyd knows too much. He knows that the woman he loves poisoned her brutal first husband. She also suspects that someone has been blackmailing her. Now, tragically, he gets the news that he has killed himself with a drug overdose.

But the afternoon mail brings Roger one last fatal information, which may shed some light on the identity of the blackmailer. Unfortunately, before he can finish reading it, he is stabbed in the back to death. We are convinced that you are going to devour the crime novel that contains one of the greatest surprises of its genre. 😱

Five little pigs

The title of this novel can make us think of a sweet children's story, but nothing to do with the story it tells us. Sixteen years ago, Caroline Crale was convicted of murdering her husband, the painter Amyas Crale, when he was about to be abandoned by a younger woman. After dying in prison, Caroline left a letter to her five-year-old daughter, Carla, reaffirming her innocence. Now Carla knows that she needs the help of the best detective in the world to return to the past and find the true murderer, thus honoring the memory of her mother.

Five suspects. Five people with a solid alibi. One of them lies.

More cases for Hercules Poirot

There are many reasons that can push someone to commit a murder: greed, jealousy, tension, ambition, desire to vendetta… Hercules Poirot will face all of them and try not to be fooled by his cunning opponents. Will he be able to find out the truth in each of these cases?

And we are convinced that there can be no better tribute to the figure of the great detective created by Agatha Christie than to reread his great works and immerse ourselves in the challenges he poses for our gray mass.

We will mess up our mustaches, while we read, so that the neatness of this Belgian detective – who is not French, as Poirot emphasizes whenever someone is wrong – continues to accompany us another 100 years.

# ReadYourSummer 🍉📚🍦

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