One of those involved in the shooting of 3 civil guards was arrested during a police action in the Sierra de Cádiz

The civil guards were conducting a reconnaissance of the area in order to locate some marijuana plantations when they were surprised by shots from two individuals who were hiding in them.

The Cádiz Civil Guard has detained one of those involved in the shooting that caused firearm wounds to three civil guards who were conducting an area reconnaissance in order to locate marijuana plantations in the Sierra de Cádiz. The detainee is attributed the alleged commission of the crimes of attempted homicide, illegal possession of weapons, attack on Agents of the Authority and cultivation and manufacture of marijuana.

The civil guards who were injured were carrying out a reconnaissance of the area in order to locate several marijuana plantations after learning that in the area known as El Tarajal, in the municipality of Bornos, crops of this drug could be being carried out in the open air, . Upon locating one of them, they were surprised by two individuals who were hidden in the plantations, possibly carrying out surveillance work.

These people opened fire with hunting shotguns at the agents despite the fact that they had previously identified themselves, resulting in various injuries to the three Civil Guards, although their lives are not in danger.

After the shooting, a device was established to locate the perpetrators of the attack, resulting in the arrest of a Spanish citizen as a possible participant in the events. Likewise, the agents have identified another of the alleged perpetrators, which could lead to his arrest in a short time.

Various units and specialties of the Cádiz Civil Guard Command have participated in the device, among which are the Citizen Security Units of the Villamartín and Jerez de la Frontera Companies, SEPRONA, the Judicial Police and the USECIC; and they had the support of other units such as the Rapid Action Group and the Helicopter Unit of the Andalusia Zone. The Local Police of the Bornos and Villamartín (Cádiz) municipalities also participated in the deployment.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Cádiz Command, tlf. 636472330.


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