One person arrested and three others investigated for a crime of sexual abuse of minors

The detainee and those investigated, of legal age, had a working relationship between them and resided on the island of Tenerife

Their victims were girls under the age of 16, living in Malaga, Seville and Barcelona, ​​whom they tricked and coerced into stripping through video calls.

The Civil Guard, within the framework of "Operation Predator", has arrested a man in Tenerife and investigated three others for a crime of sexual abuse of minors.

The investigation began after receiving complaints from several young people, under 16 years of age, who said they were receiving coercion and threats through social networks in which a person requested photographs and videos of sexual content.

This person contacted the minors and made them believe that they had hacked their mobile phones and that they had access to all their content, threatening them that they would disseminate their photographs or send them to their relatives if they did not agree to make video calls with the detainee. , during which they had to undress.

The agents corroborated that the defendants maintained an employment relationship with each other and that they also engaged in sports betting through different internet platforms, for which they acquired numerous prepaid SIM cards to be able to link them to the different user accounts of these virtual betting houses.

Once they acquired the phone cards, they were handed over and guarded by the detainee, which he used to abuse the minors, knowing that they were registered in the name of other people.

Agents belonging to the Marbella Civil Guard Company have participated in this operation with the support of the Tenerife Civil Guard Command and the Barcelona Police Department.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard Command of Malaga, at 680.426.900.


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