The Industry of Science is incorporated as one of the priorities of the OnGranada Tech City cluster. Strengthening a sector dedicated to the conception, design, construction and maintenance of scientific facilities and instruments is essential to ensure the advancement of the ICT and BioTIC business fabric, as well as to turn innovation into one of the economic pillars of Andalusia. The first step that the regional cluster has taken has been the creation of a new Work Commission focused on the Science Industry, which It already counts with the participation of key companies in the sector and with important entities such as Ineustar (the Spanish Association of Science Industry), the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia or the Medina Foundation.

The new Science Industries Commission – which joins the working groups of Labor Relations, Entrepreneurship, eHealth, Marketing and Communication, Cybersecurity, Smart City and Blockchain – will be chaired by Rafael Rodríguez Gómez, technical director of the company from Granada Seven Solutions, a reference for the sector.

The first mission of the Science Industries Commission will be the realization of a mapping or catalog that identifies both companies that develop their work in this field, especially those related to nuclear fusion, high-energy physics, physics. particles, astrophysics or health, as well as public or private entities that have an impact on the sector. The working group will also study the capabilities of these companies with the ultimate goal of identifying collaborative projects linked to large national and international scientific facilities.

In addition to relevant companies in the sector such as Seven Solutions, Tecnalia Research and Innovation or Xtrem Biotech, representatives of Ineustar, of the Idea Agency, of the association Abytes, of the Diputación de Granada, the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, the Medina Foundation and the University of Granada.

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