The Municipal Group VOX Benalmádena has remained alone in its Motion for the City Council to abandon the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). This is a letter that the GM VOX presented in Benalmádena, Benahavís and Torremolinos, where they requested the revocation of the adhesion to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and the exit of the association.

The councilor of VOX in Benalmádena Gema Carrillo has warned that the training "will not cease in its struggle to eliminate organs that inflate the institutional administration, assuming in many cases duplications of existing ones and that only serve to relocate friends of the bipartisanism of our Democracy" .

The three councilors criticized in their writing that the FEMP is an "artifact created by the two major parties", which, they explain, is intended to intervene in their autonomy, manage on their behalf and as a counterweight to the independence of the management of powers that national laws grant to local entities.

In this sense, they regretted the infrastructure created over three decades, which "puts pressure on the adherence of local entities" and, once they are part of it, "forces them to transfer a succulent part of the contract", through its "Central de Contratación".

The three ediles of VOX condemn this legal "ruse", but "politically, socially and morally reprehensible." And it is that, once adhered, "they acquire control of tenders that should be typical of the municipal contracting bodies or the provincial councils, which contract with public contributions from local entities."

They also denounced that the FEMP does not contribute to the guaranteeing intention granted by the Constitution and brings together attributions and management of public money that, in some way, steals from the municipalities and this guarantee intention the right and autonomy that is intended, constituting an authentic “ chiringuito ”for the placement of party personnel, which generates“ an inefficient and superfluous political spending of the first level ”.

Parallel Power Core

In their letter, the councilors highlighted the costs of the FEMP, with a staff of 116 people in 2018 and salaries such as those of its general secretary (90,000 euros) or its general director (75,000), as well as with dozens of politicians in the bodies of management, which “constitutes a nucleus of power parallel to the municipalities, which diverts the control of part of the municipal budget from municipal intervention and disassociates the management of public money from the responsibility of the same that the residents of each municipality have entrusted to its mayor and corporation ”.

In the letter sent to the three Consistories, the VOX councilors denounce that the safeguarding of the financial adequacy of the local Treasuries guaranteed constitutionally has been betrayed in August “by the sectarianism of the socialist who presides over the FEMP, which signed an agreement with the Government social communist that would suppose the greater attack in democracy to the municipal autonomy ”. "It is an attack on local autonomy and management of the money that each city council must make with its money," Carrillo denounces.

The councilors recall that VOX has come to "defend the strength of local entities and austerity in an efficient and honest management of the money of the residents of their municipalities", and warn that this formation "will not allow the Government of Sánchez launches his painful economic management through accounting engineering with the money of the Spanish ”.

Thus, the three councilors of VOX requested in their Motion:

Urge the National Government to modify the Fifth Additional Provision of Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of Local Regime, to restrict the possibility of creating new entities that restrict municipal autonomy.

Urge the National Government to modify article 32 LOEPYSF, which is applicable when the financial capacity and the RTGG are positive, so that, temporarily, in addition to the amortization of municipal debt, other possibilities are allowed as a destination, for example, to alleviate the consequences derived from the tragic and negligent management of the COVID pandemic, reduce municipal taxes, compensate for losses for the 2020 financial year and later, and others that are defined, thus keeping the City Council's money in the City Council.

Urge the government of the Nation to modify current legislation such as Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of the Local Regime and the Law of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration to attribute to the provincial councils the powers to the complete assistance to the municipalities that need it, including the financial endowment and avoiding duplications, gaps or competence confusion with the autonomies and, ultimately, prioritizing the public service and the general interest.

Request the submission of documentation that certifies compliance with the requirements of the FEMP as a declared association of public utility and make it available to municipal groups.

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