The Municipal VOX Group has requested the Government Team of the Granada City Council to place the Local Police at the disposal of the operational commands of the National Police and the Civil Guard to support and collaborate in the work of detention, retention and repatriation of illegal immigrants, as well as that municipal premises are offered to the State Security Forces and Bodies for their rest, and provide them with means of personal health protection for the best performance of their functions.

The municipal spokesman of VOX, Onofre Miralles, has registered a motion for debate in the September ordinary plenary session in which he asks to "eliminate all subsidies to foundations, NGOs or associations that in any way collaborate with human trafficking mafias and do not provide adequate collaboration to the State Security Forces and Bodies.

VOX demands, moreover, that the Government of the Nation be urged "to immediately reopen the Internment Centers for Foreigners in Spain, expanding or enabling new temporary facilities if necessary and the provision of more means to reinforce surveillance, detention and retention of illegal immigrants arrived on our shores, especially those infected by COVID-19; as well as the revision and expansion of the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin and the suspension of aid to those foreign third States that do not cooperate in preventing the urgent return of illegal immigrants.

In recent weeks, an increase in arrivals to Spanish coasts of illegal immigrants brought with the intervention of illegal trafficking mafias has been detected. "This is a problem that directly affects Granada, since in the town of Víznar there is a shelter from which, on at least two occasions, immigrants infected by Covid-19 have escaped with the consequent risk to the health security of the residents of Granada, "said Onofre Miralles.

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