You have always known that creativity runs through your veins. Now the time has come for everyone to find out. If your hands move nimbly before the paper, both to create illustrations and stories; If you are passionate about telling stories for the little ones and transmitting your values ​​and your vision of the world … you are in luck!

The XXXIX Apel·les Mestres Children's Destination Award of illustrated album encourages all those and those artists to present an unpublished and free-themed children's illustrated work. The work, when addressed to children, has to convey aesthetic, ethical and human values ​​and the text and illustration must have the same weight in the album.

This prestigious award that the Destino publishing label convenes with Atresmedia is the award in this modality with more travel and recognition in Spain. In him, consecrated artists have participated, but also it has been and continues being a great platform to present new talents. What sounds interesting?

Well wait, this improves! Whoever wins the prize will receive € 4,500 in addition to the publication of the album with the Destino publishing house. This can be the beginning of a long and fruitful career!

If you accept the challenge, You have until October 15, 2019 to present your work. You can check the prize bases, dates and other information here.

Good luck!

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