Our mayoral candidate made a commitment to lower the tax burden and the creation of an Office of Budgetary Control to regulate spending and ensure that Madrid will not spend more than it enters. In addition, he showed a firm disposition to an audit that allows to know in what the money has been spent in all these years.

With regard to dirt and insecurity, he advocated a real surveillance, where the only cameras that are placed are intended to safeguard security and not Central Madrid, as well as have a deterrent objective against graffiti and graffiti that dirty the walls of the city.

In terms of transport and pollution, far from the restrictions of Central Madrid, it is committed to renewing the vehicles of the EMT and increasing the frequency of transport.

Regarding the problem of evictions, he added that the solution is limited to the supply of public land, to agreements with the private sector and to the defense of property against occupation.

Asked about the pacts, he referred the repeated on numerous occasions: they will be carried out with all those groups that advocate for security, reducing the tax burden and closing the bars that are subsidized with the money of all Spaniards.

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