Óscar Clavell en su pregunta a la ministra de Educación en la sesión de control

Holders of his speech:

• The GPP spokesperson for Education urges the Minister of Education "to stop playing" with the most vulnerable with "their road map" on special education centers, which "discriminate" against the weakest: "Do not seek to hang up on his chest a gigantic medal of inclusivity at the expense of these children ”

• To Celaá: "His Government has become the greatest liberticide in the Kingdom, displaying authoritarian touches more typical of other times"

• He warns that the Executive's roadmap on special education centers returns us to the LOE of 2006 – “economic suffocation, emptying and closing” – and denounces that he has decided to activate it in full alarm.

• He accuses the minister Celaá of imposing an Education law "of cover and through the back door", without consensus and without "giving voice" to experts, platforms or associations, "with malice and total nocturnal"

• “It is you, Mrs. Celaá, the minister who in less time has managed to anger so many educational groups, very diverse, with her dark intentions to pass a law that harms, among others, the most vulnerable”

• "Haven't you had enough with the 'Stop Celaá' or with 'sancheznocierresmicolegio'?" He is flying through the air, once again, the most sacred thing that parents have: the education they want for their children ”

• Reproaches the Government for trying to “appropriate” children by putting ideology first or eliminating “the function of the family as a key and essential part of society”

• He accuses Minister Celáa of putting party interests before the best interests of the minor: "Children are not a percentage, children are not a number, and you experiment with them as if they were guinea pigs"

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