El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Óscar Clavell

Holders of his intervention:

  • The GPP Education spokesman accuses the Government of Sanchez of "pretending to attack unprecedented educational freedom" and allowing children to indoctrinate in the classroom without shame. An example is that "independentists are the ones who decide in which language children are educated."
  • It rejects “any type of indoctrination and imposition in the classrooms” and defends “the freedom of families to choose the type of education they prefer for their children, without interference by the Administrations, as stated in the Constitution, since they are the first responsible for the education of their children ”.
  • It supports special education, early childhood education from 0 to 3 years, the empowerment of English, evaluations that allow to know what factors need to be improved and guarantee equal opportunities and territorial cohesion, a Vocational Training focused on new labor markets and a unique system of access to the university.
  • He thanks the teachers for their “magnificent work” and demands an improvement of the teaching profession in “their social, economic and professional recognition”. "You can not continue to dilute the authority of teachers and the ability of principals to make decisions," he says.
  • It considers “essential to articulate a model of access to the public function that guarantees equal opportunities for all those who want to take the step to teaching and a career design”. "The great pending reform is that of teachers," he says.
  • It requires the Government not to renounce its competences in the field of education because "the rupture of the national faculty bodies causes first and second-class teachers."
  • He denounces that the Government continues to miss the LOGSE, “a model of mediocrity, comprehensiveness, opacity and interventionism”. Faced with this, the PP extends its hand to a State pact that “strengthens the common teachings, that defends the freedom of parents to choose the education they want for their children, that preserves the national bodies of teachers, and that the Castilian be guaranteed the presence that corresponds to it in the education system ”.

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