El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of his speech:

· "This is unforgivable, because every hour of delay, they are sick without respirators and doctors exposed to contagion," he reproaches Sánchez.

· He accuses the president of leaving the sanitarians, who are working without masks or protective equipment, "abandoned" to their fate. "We can not be aware of the mobile every night to know its casualty," he says.

· “Our country is not for more meetings, neither for resistance nor self-help manuals. Spaniards need solutions, not promises. Certainties, not soflamas. Spain is mourning, we are all in mourning. And this, Mr. Sánchez is not going well. ”

· He proposes that the official flags be flown at half-staff while the pandemic lasts "because all the victims deserve the respect of the Nation" and a state funeral.

· "I ask that you do not offend those at the forefront of this battle by announcing that today, 10 days after finally acknowledging the health alert, they have purchased material that will arrive between April and June."

· “We have given him everything he has asked of us. But the problem is that with these maximum powers, the effectiveness of the government is being minimal. And this can not be. I am being the head of the opposition that you did not go ”.

· He contrasts the attitude of his party in this crisis with the one that the PSOE had when he governed the PP: "We are not going to scramble their homes, as they did to me with a newborn baby in 2012, nor are we going to surround their venues with the cry of pass it on. "

· He demands explanations for the incorporation of Churches to the CNI "using an economic decree so sensitive for the unemployed and vulnerable people" and questions him for issuing an order to authorize pardons in this period. "What does that have to do with the coranavirus!"

· He considers it "inadmissible" that members of his government promote casseroles against the Head of State and do so from the Moncloa press room. "I ask that in the reply you disavow and defend the King of Spain," he stresses.

· He stresses that now is the time for unity in the whole of Spanish society, "it is not time to propose divisive agendas, nor sectarian ideological frameworks". "If it was a mistake to delay measures against the virus for ideological reasons, it would be even worse to apply them to try to escape its consequences," he says.

· He points out that the PP will support the government's economic measures but with the demand that they already put them into operation, lower taxes, labor costs and reduce bureaucracy.

· It proposes the creation of a coronavirus monitoring commission, but apart from the Health Commission, as Sánchez proposes, because in "the presidential countries there are enough addresses in the media, but in a parliamentary democracy the messages to the Nation are addressed from this Congress "

· He demands that Sánchez stop lying about the PP's health spending, asks him for loyalty and offers him the experience of the Popular Party in managing previous crises. "If you ask for unity, don't break it."

· He criticizes that the vice president of the Government has broken the quarantine to "give a rally against the right and the private sector and announce that he was taking command of the nursing homes" and has not been seen again.

· He regrets that the economic crisis has caught the government "without the duties done" and believes that is why "the effects in our country will be more intense."

· He assures that “we must already think about the reconstruction of our productive economy, increasing its competitiveness and flexibility. You have to lower taxes, labor costs and cut red tape. "

· He emphasizes that the PP supports the measures that they propose and only asks in exchange to put them into action now ”. "The way out of this crisis will require a very intense reformist agenda so that the millions of unemployed can find work soon," he adds.

· It stresses that citizens are complying with the enormous sacrifices that we ask of them with these measures, "but the government is not responding to the height of its efforts."

· “We must protect those who need it most. No one should be left behind by this crisis. And public officials will ensure that this is so. We will have to reorder priorities and reduce the superfluous, which is not the Ministry of Defense, as you said, "he says.

· It pays tribute to all the professionals who are giving their best during these days: "The Spain of the balconies that pays tribute to its heroes also demands efficiency from its public officials, asks for loyalty, but also responsibility," he concludes.

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