• Proclaims that "all that is not to vote for the PP is to vote for Sanchez", notes that "there is nothing more patriotic than to throw Sanchez and end the socialism of Tinell, which is the current version of Pedralbes"
  • Question Sanchez, after his slip around the Prosecutor's Office, why isn't he acting against Torra now? and demands that the Government support the Prosecutor's Office, as the PP did with José Manuel Maza, “disapproved by the Cortes, with the included vote of the PSOE and C, s”
  • Casado asks Sánchez from Barcelona how many nations there are in Spain, if he is going to agree with Torra and Junqueras and what is his opinion of the unemployment figures. “In the debate, he looked at the paper, scribbling his political will,” he emphasizes, referring to the questions he raised and did not answer the leader of the PSOE
  • He regrets that "Catalonia has broken into two communities and a thousand pieces and we have a president in Moncloa who owes his position to the independentists." "If we want to restore affections and prosperity, we must comply with the Law. In democracy, the right thing is to defend the law," he says.
  • He explains that "if Sanchez has promoted this reckless policy, it is because he has needed Torra, that is why he did not want to act and that is why it is in his hands, if he wants or presses." “I hold Sanchez responsible for the altercations that may occur in schools. We are not for electoral or violence reflection days, ”he adds
  • "We want to recover the positive spirit of Spain Suma and the Salon del Tinell" – where before the pact of exclusion between socialists and nationalists King Juan Carlos delivered a historic speech in 1976, opening Catalonia as the door of Spain
  • Underlines that the PP project for Catalonia is that the Constitution be fulfilled, that there be order and freedom; So from next week the independence movement must lose all hope and that is the reason why they want Sánchez to remain in the Government
  • Pablo Casado thanked “the courage, courage and brilliance” of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, yesterday, starting yellow ties on TV3, which should be of all Catalans
  • He also thanks Rosa Díez for wanting to share this public act that is not partisan, but of different ones that come together for the union of the Democrats, with the same spirit of Free and Equal who has fitted very well for what he has defended since independence against totalitarianism
  • Stresses that Josep Bou put tears and emotion, with a feeling of helplessness because in Catalonia public freedoms are not respected

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