He asks that the "endowment not be delayed" and that "tacticism give way to responsibility and electoralism to stability and governability". He assures that this process can not be delayed because "the economy is slowing down, negotiations begin in the community institutions, and the situation in Navarra and Catalonia is worrisome".
Emphasizes that the PP will not support the investiture of Sanchez or abstain to facilitate its proclamation on second ballot. "The Spaniards have commissioned us to lead the opposition", and affirms that the PP is not against that Navarra Sum can abstain in the investiture of Sanchez if this facilitates that this coalition governs in the Community foral and in the City council of Pamplona. Considers it "essential" that Navarra Suma can govern, stresses that this only requires the abstention of the PSN and recalls that the PP in the Basque Country, "supported Patxi Lopez in exchange for nothing."
It emphasizes that there is no situation of blockade because there are alternatives for the investiture that go through the pacts with the independentistas, with Podemos and regionalist parties, the reissue of the "pact of the embrace" of 2015 or a government alone and asure that the PP does not trust Sanchez for his irresponsible economic policy and tax increases, because he does not rule out pardons for the imprisoned pro-independence politicians and his "do not worry" to Junqueras, which has left us very worried, and because "Sánchez He has a project for Spain. "

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