Pablo Casado has asked the Government in functions to "get ahead" of the situation in Catalonia to restore the law and order in its streets by applying "immediately" the National Security Law: "You can not wait another minute."

During the inauguration of the XXV Intermunicipal of the PP, he has urged the PSC to break “today” its agreements with separatists in 40 Catalan municipalities, in the Diputación de Barcelona and Diplocat, because “or it is with the law and democracy, or it is with those who justify the violent ones that are destroying Catalonia ”.

He has demanded that the Prosecutor's Office act ex officio to bring to the courts the violent people who practice 'kale borroka' in the squares and streets of Catalonia and has demanded that the requirement be sent to Torra of compliance with legal and constitutional obligations, because who holds the highest authority in Catalonia "cannot be cutting roads, encouraging violence and justifying the 'kale borroka".

“When a violent minority attacks the critical infrastructure of a State, it is not time to demand silence, but order; when that minority exercises ‘kale borroka’ it is not time to call for dialogue, but for compliance with the law and the Constitution; and when they make a majority of Catalans in their homes, it is not a time to contemplate with those responsible for the Generalitat, but to break with them ”.

In his speech, he has guaranteed that the PP will be “the containment dam” that the State will prevail when the Spaniards require it, and undertakes to legislate to reinforce the rule of law and the presence of Spain in Catalonia ending the indoctrination, propaganda in public media and abroad and modifying the euroorder.

He also pointed out that “Spain needs a party” such as the PP that “knows how to face these political crises without shaking its legs” and applying the law, because “there is no room for impunity, insecurity or helplessness and because we cannot go four steps behind, but one step ahead. ”

Casado has highlighted the exercise of “loyalty and responsibility” of the PP as a government and state party by maintaining “the unity of action with the Government and constitutional parties, but also when it comes to being demanding in a situation that is overflowing and it can't go on like this. "

In addition, he recalled that Sánchez is president by the votes of Torra and Junqueras in the motion of censure, and urges him to say clearly that he rejects the Pedralbes route, any means of self-determination and asks him to activate the appropriate mechanisms, on a day-to-day basis. today, to restore the law.

The national president of the PP has said that the future of Spain goes "through what unites us", and has called "to unite the different in a country that can not remain divided, which can not continue on that canvas of Goya of Spain with sticks. ” "We are going to make what some have not wanted to unite in an electoral coalition before the polls, the Spaniards unite it around the party that does seek unity to win and unite Spain from the Government."

He has also referred to the rural world, for which he has proposed to combat depopulation with birth policies, conciliation for women and parents, favoring the access of young people to a home and with an ambitious digitalization plan of 300 Megabytes in 100% of the national territory.

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