Shows "his solidarity" with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, after being "severely unbelievable" by those who try to confuse a strike with "sabotage, altercations and civil disobedience" in Barcelona

  • “You try to confuse what a sabotage really is like a strike. We will continue to demand law, order and concord. We want to live in freedom and with our rights guaranteed by the institutions ”
  • It calls on the Government to exercise “all the international pressure necessary for extradition in cases of rebellion or sedition to be automatic in the Euro-order and not to be passed by any judge” and Puigdemont be handed over
  • It requires the government to send the requirement of compliance with constitutional and legal obligations to Torra "to see if it is next to the violent or loyally represents the Generalitat"
  • Casado demands Sánchez “firmness” and that he complies with “the law, only the law, but the whole law” to end the kale-borroka in Catalonia as the PP did in the Basque Country. “You don't have to look for shortcuts, you have to comply with the Criminal Code and the Constitution,” he emphasizes
  • Remember that from the first day the PP has offered its support to the Government, but after five days of “algaradas and kale borroka”, immediate measures are necessary such as the application of the National Security Law so that the Mossos do not hold the president responsible Torra
  • Reiterates the need to typify the call for illegal referendum in the Criminal Code following the threat of convening another consultation
  • “Catalonia cannot spend another minute with this sense of insecurity and impunity in the streets. It is intolerable ”
  • "I send a message of tranquility to all Catalans who are having a hard time and see what is seen these days with indignation" and explains that the PP offers "Law and order"
  • "I propose the need for a united and firm response of the constitutionalist parties against the violence of the independentists"
  • Transfer “the support of the PP to the Crown as the highest institution of the State and guarantee of the historical continuity of Spain”
  • He undertakes to launch an agenda for the future for Asturias that has lived its best years with the center-right governments that knows how to guarantee the welfare state
  • Explains the PP's commitment to the reduction of energy and Asturian infrastructure. "We will not allow Asturias to be a second class community," he says.
  • It describes as "successful coalition" the agreement with the Asturias Forum with which they share "principles, values ​​and program"

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