Visit the National Police Headquarters of Barcelona

  • The leader of the PP has moved to Catalonia to show his support and solidarity to the State Security Forces and Bodies, but the Government prevents him from entering the Police Headquarters of Barcelona to greet the police
  • Casado, forced to make statements on the street, says: "There is no appeal to dialogue but to agreement, there is no appeal to negotiation, but to law and order"
  • Stresses that “the dialogue does not fit outside the law. The negotiation does not fit when it goes against the Statute, the Constitution and the legislation in force and, especially, when there are pressure measures in the streets ”
  • He asks Sánchez to pick up Torra's phone to tell him to break the institutional agreements with parties that “are participating in infrastructure cuts” and that appeal to recidivism and insurrection in the streets
  • It requires the Government to implement the necessary legislative measures so that the police have sufficient material means to carry out their work
  • It asks the Government to consider the possibility of transferring 1-O prisoners to other prisons outside Catalonia and calls on the State Attorney General to be “very vigilant”
  • He says that it is the judges who must put the criminals in jails and the politicians must give legal tools to the judges, so that the crimes can be judged according to social realities

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