He claims the Spanish nation and the Spaniards, "who decided 40 years ago to be free and equal with an umbrella, which is the Constitution", in which we have now stood alone defending it

Holders of Pablo Casado in Madrid:

– Stresses that in the face of the “breakup agenda”, the PP has to become “the dike of what the Spanish nation represents”.

– Criticizes that Sánchez uses the regional presidents of "daring and comparsa" to meet some of the requirements that JXCAT has placed in the negotiation: that they receive Torra in La Moncloa.

– Transfer to the regional presidents of the PP that “although they use you as a companion to receive Torra, let's take advantage of it. When there is a bad national government, there are autonomies of the PP that lower taxes, guarantee educational freedom and good health, in short, they make healthy, institutional and democratic opposition ”.

– "I am ashamed of someone who governs Spain," says Casado and recalls that in just 36 hours Sanchez solemnized in the Cortes his "pact of the embrace with Iglesias."

– Remember that the PP has been warning about what Sanchez was planning for over a year and that it is now ratified in the fourth “free and voluntary” attempt by the acting president.

– Denounces that the PSOE has "whitewashed the road map of Tinell for 16 years, in which they left in writing, that they had nothing to agree with the PP". “We are the victim of exclusion. Those of the is not are not them, ”he emphasizes.

– He maintains that in Catalonia “there is no political conflict, there is a conflict of legality, a democratic conflict and an aggression against the Constitution.

– Ensures that "blushes" that Junqueras, "prisoner convicted of sedition, with whom they are negotiating the investiture of the oldest nation in Europe" demands five demands: amnesty, self-determination, bilaterality between the two governments and a referendum.

– "Do not expect anything from Monday, because what you will find is a party that is the alternative to end this nationalist drift, unconstitutional of a socialism that has lost its essence."

– Demands that the socialist barons to rebel against their secretary general, because it is not understood that a historical party that played an important role in the transition is now in "almoneda with the independentistas".

– Ensures that with the “agenda of rupture” the constitutional order and the transition system “that the best 40 years of our history have bequeathed us, are put at risk, with the Constitution as the culmination of this process”.

– He maintains that the PP has been “generous, responsible” and the only party that lives up to the very complex circumstances in which Spain lives, and that, therefore, “that nobody asks us to volatilize this constitutional alternative to extend the agony of those Frankenstein already has a majority in parliament. ”

– Cross out of “indignity” the words of the PSOE councilor against Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. "They will not be able to with you," he adds.

– “There is no possibility or safeguard to work the miracle that Sanchez ceases to be, because they did not get theirs. Do not expect anyone to get the PP, who does not play as well to the dice of the trilero as played in Moncloa ”

– Claims the management of Martínez Almeida, which has meant the return of a Madrid “in positive, open, without prohibitions in which it is governed for all, and with prosperity” –

– Stresses the work of Díaz Ayuso, “a great president”, who governs a community in which educational freedom is promoted and where health is the “backbone of an administration that is close to the citizens”.

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