Holders of their statements before the media:

  • It accuses the Government of taking “one more step in the very negative instrumentalization of institutions and public resources to campaign” with its 180-degree turn to now unlock the surrender of millions to the Autonomous Communities. "We are in favor of giving that money, but it is not serious," he emphasizes.
  • He warns that “red lines are being crossed that have never crossed democracy before” after, now that there are elections, “the Government says it can buy electoral wills with the money of all taxpayers, when it was four days ago impossible and there was a report from the Advocacy that made it impossible ”.
  • "It has been done with the CIS, with the TVE, with the Royal Decrees and already threatens to do so with pensions," he laments.
  • He says he will continue to go to the Basque Country despite the proposal in the Basque Parliament of Bildu to declare persona non grata. "This statement is a symbol of what has been going on for too many decades: families that have to leave because they don't commune with excluding nationalism."
  • “No one can sleep peacefully if Bildu has a relevant position in Spanish politics; In democracy, not everything is acceptable, and a party that wants to throw us out of some of the Basque Country cannot be a partner either in Navarre, or in the Basque Country or anywhere. ”
  • It claims the wine sector coinciding with the day of San Mateo because it is a commitment to the Spain Brand, the economy and job creation.
  • Send a message of support to all families with a member with Alzheimer's on the International Day of "such a cruel disease", and makes a strong defense of social issues and health coverage, "fundamental in the day to day of the disease "

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