"It is not admissible that in an autonomous government they send those of Bildu and are those who put the requirements of governance," said Pablo Casado this morning, before the media in Pamplona, ​​to add later that the alliance with Bildu "can not leave free electorally. "

He has also criticized that Interior does not defend General Garrido, after his intervention in which he appealed to compliance with the law and constitutional agreement and has sided with Torra.

"Sanchez cannot be with the independentistas and has to support the Civil Guard, which has done a lot for freedom and democracy," he emphasized.

He affirms that “as much as Sanchez tries to dress in moderation, he is wrapped in the flag or renounces the explicit support of Otegi, the moment of truth, the cotton test is Navarra”.

He notes that the intention of the PP was to extrapolate the Navarra Suma coalition to the entire national territory and regrets that it was not possible, but advocates looking forward.

It highlights the generosity and responsibility of UPN, C’s and PP to reach agreements to join efforts and prevent the Foral Community from ending up being burdened by the sectarian ideology of annexationist nationalism to the Basque Country.

It puts the City Council of Pamplona, ​​governed by Navarra Suma, as an example of "containment dam against rupture projects".

He describes Navarra Suma as the "true bulwark" of the forality and Spanishness of this community and underlines that in Spain "it is necessary to unite territorial policy, the scars of the crisis that is coming and our compatriots."

He denounces the confrontation policy of the Navarrese executive and recalls that "it is the first time that a democratic government needs the concert of a party that has not condemned ETA violence."

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