"It would not be good for our country to remain without opposition and without an alternative"

Pablo Casado claims that the Popular Party, winner of the European elections and first force in 15 countries, leads the main European institutions, as well as that Spain has a preponderant weight in them.

It requires the Government to implement all measures so that, if Puigdemont fulfills his threat to attend the constituent session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, it will proceed to the arrest and extradition of a "delinquent" escaped and claimed by the Supreme Court.

He transfers his condolences to the family of Eduardo Fungairiño, who died today, and qualifies him as a key figure in the defeat of ETA and who has all the gratitude of the PP for his work as a jurist.

The president of the Popular Party sends a message of support to the Government, to the autonomic and provincial troops and to the UME after the wave of forest fires that ravages our country and asks for responsibility to prevent them.

Denounces "the mask game" of Pedro Sanchez, who asks that the constitutionalists abstain in his investiture, while he pacts with Bildu in Navarra and allows the aggression to the victims with an interview with Otegi on public television. Remember the socialist candidate who is responsible for getting support to be invested President of the Government and asks him not to derive this responsibility to the parties to which the King has not commissioned this task; and reiterates that Sanchez can not expect the leader of the opposition and alternative in Spain to facilitate the investiture of who is more concerned in that Otegi whitens, Bildu sends in Navarre or Zapatero is the mediator with the independentistas, than in talking about employment, foreign policy, education or justice.

"It would not be good for our country to remain without opposition and without an alternative," emphasizes Casado, who warns Sanchez that "if he wants to force things to go to a second election, we are not afraid but it is irresponsible."

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