Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He denounces that “Pedro Sánchez has already decided that he wants to go to elections” and tries to hide it with propaganda and meetings, “like the one he had yesterday with Podemos”, and that is irresponsibility
  • He says the PSOE "is playing with the Spaniards" and could add a government with Podemos and the nationalists "as they have done in seven autonomous communities, in ten provincial capitals and in ten deputies"
  • “I will not be the one who wants that Government for Spain,” he continues, “but what we are not going to do is to launder an electoral strategy that is either aimed at humiliating Podemos, or it is aimed at removing a handful of seats at the expense of the budget and the patience of the Spaniards ”
  • He denounces that Pedro Sánchez “prefers to continue working and without governing Spain despite the unemployment figures we have known this week and the pulse that Quim Torra gives him from Catalonia”
  • Remember that today marks two years that the Parliament passed the disconnection laws "which were the beginning of that coup to the State that ended the unilateral declaration of independence"
  • He regrets that all the statements of Quim Torra were not followed by "a rectification or complaint by the Government of Spain." "That is very worrying because Torra has already said that they will do the same thing again and, if the sentence is unfavorable, call back the rebellion and the confrontation of the Catalans in the streets," he warns.
  • He points out that the Government of Spain "should respond to this instead of meeting with ERC to try to disguise those negotiations"

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