He affirms that Junqueras has sent a letter to Sanchez from jail telling him that he "owes us the post", so he emphasizes: "How hard it is for a country that a president is written from jail to ask for pending accounts!"

Sanchez says that he knows that the Constitution enshrines the independence of the State Attorney General's Office and has escaped that in this body the Government is in charge and they will arrest Puigdemont; So he asks that, if so, why hasn't he done it yet? "Because he needs him and his legs tremble: Sanchez's house of cards falls," he says

Stresses that Sanchez owes the position to Torra, Puigdemont and Otegi, "and all of them will remain there if on Sunday we will not flood the polls with votes to the PP"

Stresses that the PP has the teams to re-govern: "We will rescue Spain from the hands of socialist incopetentes"; He regrets the territorial crisis that makes us "play the historical continuity of our nation" and announces that it will consecrate unity, harmony and equality throughout Spain, despite who despite

Casado wants all government ministries focused on the rural environment, “because the towns are cemeteries, they are rural schools and offices” and he believes it is necessary to bet on the activity set by the population, build infrastructure, lower and abolish taxes and favor the creation of employment

He claims to be aware of Aragon's problems and "it hurts to see the crisis in the car industry", with a government that does not care about the sector

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