Accused Sánchez of not explaining in two months what he wants to do in Spain

Casado toCusa Sánchez not having explained in two months what he wants to do in Spain and emphasizes that against the "is not no", the PP has said a "no but yes", that is, not to investiture "because we are the alternative to the PSOE ", but yes" we are open to legislature pacts ". Remember that Pedro Sanchez, Meritxell Batet and Manuel Cruz did not flag in the investiture of Mariano Rajoy in 2016 and asks the socialist candidate not to hold the PP responsible for what it can achieve with other alliances.
The president tougura that there will be no electoral repetition and alludes to the pacts of Sánchez with Podemos in 10 municipalities, 10 provincial councils and 7 autonomous communities. "I do not understand why they can not reach an agreement now," he adds. Remember Pedro Sanchez who has 123 deputies, the most meager parliamentary majority of democracy, so "can not govern alone" and asks him not to throw the PP the responsibility to abstain.
He hopes that next week the investiture will be unlocked in Murcia and Madrid, because "the citizens would not understand that we were not able to understand each other", andStake that Cs and Vox are having a responsible attitude, reiterates that there can be an understanding with them, which would entail good agreements on education, health and tax reduction for these two autonomous communities.

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