Holders of their statements before the media:

• “The PP is the opposition and the alternative; and Spain cannot remain without an alternative if the Government fails again ”
• Affirms that Sanchez has arrived “where he wanted since April 28”, the call for new elections, and regrets that the president of the acting Government has not attempted an agreement with any of the “four doors” he could call
• “We suspect that Sánchez did not want to form government but elections. And I hope that, if it leads us to general elections, it will not be free ”
• Stresses that "Pedro Sánchez has become synonymous with blocking since 2015", and adds: "The only person responsible for the call for elections is Pedro Sánchez, who has no doubt"
• “The PP has shown that it is the best antidote against blockage. With the PP the regional, municipal and provincial investitures have been unlocked, and I am convinced that, if there are elections, all the votes that go to the PP will guarantee that we will leave this quagmire as soon as possible ”
• “Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE deserve all our respect, but their political project does not deserve our trust”
• The leader of the PP shares "the bittersweet feeling" with the Spaniards who do not understand "how it got here", but with "the satisfaction that the PP has maintained the same coherent position, responsible and open to dialogue"
• Remember that the PP has offered Sanchez up to 11 state pacts to give stability to the legislature, but that “after 146 days, instead of answering our offers, it has made it clear which were its preferred partners”
• “Some see the endowment as an exam. The endowment should not be understood as a destination point, but as a starting point. We offered to support the legislature ”, which is what the PP has offered in key aspects: budgets, territorial issues and Navarra

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