Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He denounces that Pedro Sánchez does not govern and neither does anything to form a stable Executive, and accuses him that “it is very good for him to be in office”, also trying to project responsibility in opposition parties.
  • He affirms that the instability –elebrated by the independentistas- is not good for Spain, as well as that Otegi wants a government of PSOE and Podemos or tributes can be celebrated to terrorists and against the Civil Guard in Alsasua before “the silence of the Government”.
  • Ask the acting President of the Government to "as soon as possible" clarify if he wants an electoral replay. "The Spaniards do not deserve this instability or the use of public funds for an electoral campaign that Sanchez seems to have started."
  • “If you want elections, we have nothing to fear; the PP is prepared and strong ”, emphasizes Casado, who believes that the Spanish would not understand the irresponsibility of returning to the polls.
  • He emphasizes that the PP cannot facilitate a leftist government and encourages Sánchez to explain to his voters why the pact with Podemos in autonomous communities, municipalities and provincial councils is not valid at the national level.
  • “We are a responsible party, we have shown that we unlock and give stability and governance. When the Spaniards have voted for the PP, we have been able to form a government, as in Castilla y León, Madrid or Murcia, ”he emphasizes.
  • He points out that, in case of returning to the polls, the Spaniards must know which party is able to dialogue on their left and on their right, reach agreements and unlock a situation that begins to take a toll on the Spaniards in terms of employment, international investments and political stability.
  • It shows its solidarity with those affected by the floods in the municipality of Las Navas del Marqués in Abdu and recalls the non-proposed law presented by the Popular Group in Congress so that this area is declared as severely affected.

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