Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Proclaims that the PP is "the only party" that does not ask for the reform of the Constitution and opposes "attempts to introduce plurinationality or the Catalan nation, to suppress autonomy, to suppress the Senate or to question organizations provincial policies ”.
  • He emphasizes that "the Constitution is the solution to our problems", not the problem that some use as a pretext to cover internal debates.
  • Stresses “the critical moment” that Spain is going through, since in 41 years of the Constitution “PGE had never been seen negotiating in a jail, offering a vice president to a party that asks to abolish the parliamentary monarchy, negotiate an investiture with independentists convicted of sedition or rule in a community with the votes of the heirs of Batasuna. ”
  • He says he has to defend "today more than ever" the Constitution, national unity and the King of Spain, because "the parliamentary constitutional monarchy has been the best guarantor of the system we enjoy today", and calls to defend the model of coexistence, the concord, the legal order and the Transition system; "Sanchez has that responsibility."
  • Remember the words he addressed to Sánchez about the responsibility of PP and PSOE to “widen the space of political centrality,” but Sánchez has chosen “the path of the enemies of the Magna Carta in a free, thoughtful and desired decision, because it is the fourth time he tries. ”
  • He points out that the PP "will enforce the blocking minority" to not allow a constitutional reform, and "will enforce the reform of the previous constitutional appeal" to avoid a statutory reform in the Basque Country or in Catalonia "that attempts to overflow the order constitutional and de facto exercise a new constituent line against the agreement of the Constitution ”.
  • He appeals to the generation of the Transition's embrace: "We, your grandchildren, cannot break that hug, that of the 40 best years of our country."
  • Censorship Sánchez's attempt to bleach his negotiations with ERC and the positions of Podemos: "In no country in our environment would it be possible to negotiate a government with those who want to break the constitutional order."
  • He stresses that the PP is "absolutely incompatible" with any alternative proposed by Sánchez "that has those who want to end our constitutional system." "The PP is not a substitute for ERC or Bildu or Podemos," he warns.
  • "The PP is the only systemic alternative, as a democratic pillar of this constitutional order, which the opposition will exercise from this House."

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