• "We are in the box of yes to avoid another crisis and put order in Catalonia because it tears us to see that Sanchez does nothing because he owes the position to Torra and Junqueras and opens the door to agree with them again."
  • “The PP puts the priorities of the citizens at the base of our program, which Sánchez does not do. We are not determined to divide but to serve the Spaniards. ”
  • He says that "the PP is just the opposite of Sánchez, and as we are the alternative, we ask the vote even to those who have voted to other parties." "There is only one alternative to avoid the Frankenstein Government to which Sanchez again points, and it is the Popular Party," he says.
  • “The PP is prepared to recover the economy again because we have already done it and we know how it has to be done. We are the party of the Spain that rises early and wants a government that will help and feel proud of being Spanish ”
  • He says that "the Spanish have recently had the brutal crisis that Zapatero hid, which left three million unemployed, evicted families and young people emigrating."
  • He emphasizes that whenever the PP has been governed, employment has been created, social services have been guaranteed, and our international prestige has increased and it is described as “regrettable that Sanchez sends the Kings to Cuba”.
  • He proposes that Torra "not be one more day in front of the Mossos, which he threatens to purge over", and apply an "economic shock plan" lowering taxes to ensure the welfare state.
  • He claims Sanchez again to send the requirement for Torra to comply with his legal obligations and affirms that, if necessary, the PP would apply the Constitution without limitations of terms and powers imposed by other parties.
  • He believes that if Sanchez loses a seat he should resign because he has been blocking Spain since 2016, when he was forced by his own party to resign because he wanted to take Spain to a third election.

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