El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of his intervention:

  • The president of the PP stresses that these elections are a referendum, a referendum on the continuity or not of Sanchez and there is only one party, the PP, which will not facilitate his investiture, so he appeals to the quiet force, of the majority of Spaniards who want to live together.
  • Casado warns Sanchez that if he wants to be credible, stop saying that Spain is a nation of nations and tells him that “he cannot be a candidate if he continues to defend the plurinationality demanded by the PSC, because he owes Torra the job already Junqueras. "
  • Pablo Casado opens an election campaign in Seville "that will make history and take us back to the Government of Spain on November 10".
  • Remember that Pedro Sánchez has not yet received the confidence of the General Courts and is acting president, thanks to a motion of censorship based on lies and the support of those who want to break Spain.
  • Stresses that the socialist president has not been able to reach agreements in these months, has not agreed with anyone and has caused a blockade that does not deserve the confidence of the Spaniards.
  • Announces that if the PP takes a seat more than the PSOE "we will be able to agree and unblock the situation in the country" and believes he should resign if he does not take a seat more than those 123.
  • It emphasizes that the PP is the only alternative of unlocking, with its agenda of the new majority, with the Spain Plan, that of the quiet force of those who want to live together and that “we will carry out looking at the Spanish face, committing ourselves not to let them down. ”
  • It proposes a decalogue, which includes measures such as the largest tax reduction in history, to favor employment.
  • It announces that the self-employed will have 12 more months of flat rate, as well as young people, those linked to the rural world, or women who have suffered a situation of abuse will have 24 months, because it is necessary “the red carpet to entrepreneurship”.
  • Proposes that there are common subjects in Education for all of Spain, with bilingualism in public and concerted education; is committed to an educational MIR and announces the first Maternity Law, which will recover families "to curb a demographic winter that we cannot afford."
  • It shows its intention to reduce health waiting lists to 30 days, with free choice of doctor and hospital throughout Spain, a single vaccination card, single health card and common service card.
  • Reiterates that, in terms of dependence and capacity, the PP is the party of the people who need more help and, with regard to pensions, acquires the commitment to always revalue them, with a 15% complement to the working women who dedicated their effort to care for families and stopped working outside the home.
  • Announces an audit of public land throughout Spain, with a park of 100,000 public housing, an anti-occupancy law and a moratorium for families with special vulnerability from 2020 to 2023.
  • It commits to the reviewable permanent prison, the improvement of salary compensation to the State Security Forces and Corps and always with the memory in memory of the victims of terrorism.
  • It supports the Government's proposal for the Summit against Climate Change to be held in Madrid, because it is a matter in which "we all go together."
  • He refers to the president of the PP of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, as "a reference and a pride", in front of a client network on the left that had to buy votes and failed to stop the wave of illusion and change of this wonderful land.

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