• The PP will not facilitate the investiture "to the candidate of the party that has starred in the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Spain", but offers to guarantee governance by agreeing key issues for Spain.
  • "The PP is still the party with which you can agree on essential issues so that they do not depend on either the independence or populist agenda of the extreme left."
  • It requires Sanchez to explain the "greatest case of corruption in the history of Spain and, probably, of the EU in terms of public funds defrauded."
  • "We all expect Sanchez to assume his responsibility and we ask him to apply the same scale he has had against other political formations," says Casado, who asks him to "apply the same requirement of exemplarity on which he based his motion of censure."
  • He assures that the case of the ERE “does affect the PSOE”, with more than twenty exalted positions of the Junta de Andalucía and recalls that Sánchez has two former Chaves and Griñán advisers in his government.
  • He wonders why the sentence has not been known before the Spaniards went to vote on 10N, without having information on a question "that has led to the outrage not only of Andalusia but also of the rest of Spain."
  • He affirms that the PP has been the most coherent party of all those who have come to the elections, because he went to the polls saying that it would not facilitate the investiture of Sánchez.
  • "We cannot be on the agenda of the sanitary cordon that Pedro Sánchez has voluntarily rewoven," he says.
  • “The PP is an institutional pillar for Spain and we cannot be part of the Pedro Sánchez program. Joining the solution with the problem would be irresponsibility. ”
  • He criticizes that Sanchez has "self-investigated" and that he has not waited for the Head of State to designate a candidate, while reminding the acting president that he had more options and "maybe that's why he hugged Iglesias so quickly to not receive pressures. "

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