Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Urges the Prosecutor to act so that all the disturbances registered in Catalonia are centralized in the National Court. "If we agree that it is kale borroka, the AN has powers to analyze all these processes, ”he says
  • He accuses the President of the Government in charge of having lied to the Spaniards and the European Commission by hiding the deviation of 6,000 million euros in the forecasts sent to Brussels. “He does not want to recognize that they are cuts in social policies or in tax increases. In both things Sánchez is an expert ”
  • He warns that "if we are not going to an election campaign in which they are doped with the public budget and covering with a curtain what they will have to do to fulfill their commitments to Brussels"
  • Believes that Sanchez has failed to resolve the economic crisis "that is coming" and not respond to the secessionist challenge
  • “Nationalism has always tried to make someone shake the tree so that others pick up the nuts. Now ERC and JxCat intend to collect the nuts of Democratic Tsumani and CDR ”
  • He claims to have seen more "credible, firm and less nuanced" sentences of violence than those of Torra, who has manifested "in columns that ended up creating public disorders"
  • He celebrates that Sanchez recognized yesterday with his “fleeting, sudden and improvised” visit to Barcelona that what happened in Catalonia are “more than riots”, because otherwise he would not have come with 20 armored vehicles, Civil Guard patrols or their escorts with long weapons
  • Remember that you can end the kale borroka in Catalonia, just as it was done in the Basque Country with the Law of Parties. "We must preserve public order through the application of the law"
  • He encourages Sanchez to pick up Torra's phone, not to negotiate, but to break his institutional agreements in 40 municipalities and the Barcelona Provincial Council and he is sorry that he forgot to include the requirement for him to fulfill his legal and constitutional obligations
  • “It is very difficult for me to support the Government if it continues to govern and pass resolutions against the Supreme Court in the Diputación de Barcelona. It cannot be credible and deserve the support of the constitutionalist forces if it does not break with them ”
  • It underlines the commitment of the PP with the infrastructures and the industrial sector of the Basque Country, and reiterates its promise that the industrial GDP represents 20% in 2030
  • He claims his commitment to the Economic Concert of the Basque Country and does not understand why it is not useful to lower taxes
  • "The PP will bet on the fight against climate change, favoring renewable energy and the circular economy," he concludes

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