Pablo Casado

Pablo Casado affirms that next May 26, whoever votes to the PSOE or divides votes among right-of-center parties will be allowing Oriol Junqueras "not to worry", that the crimes committed by the independence prisoners will go unpunished and that the PSOE government will pardon, as they have been hiding for months.

Ask Sanchez if he is willing to negotiate with coup leaders for a handful of seats, and in that case he demands that "he say it before May 26" and not be dressed in that "disguise of moderation" when what he intends to agree with Podemos and ERC

Married shows his concern that Sanchez tell Junqueras not to worry and attributes it to that "maybe they have agreed to the pardons in exchange for the seats." Urges the president of Congress to "not slip the bulge when the coup leaders come to the seat of national sovereignty to laugh at democracy and the Spanish institutions"

He warns that Pedro Sánchez wants to repeat the photo of the censure motion and "shake hands with the coup leaders because he owes them too much". He emphasizes that the prisoners who went to Congress yesterday did not acquire the status of parliamentarians because they did not abide by the Constitution, but instead confronted it.

The president of the popular ones, proposes the modification of the electoral law so that "common sense prevails" and those who violate the law and are in prison can not stand for election. Along the same lines, he considers it necessary to modify the formula of promise or oath of office of deputy, with a tax formula that everyone has to comply with, and asks that it be analyzed "to what extent there are times that if you swear knowing that you are going against the law, that constitutes some criminal irregularity, what is here known as false testimony "

Married explains that the PP has asked the Prosecutor to act against the violation of the conditions that the judge gave yesterday to the Catalan separatist prisoners in Congress, where videos were filmed and they went to the canteen during the plenary session.

Finally, Pablo Casado, denounces that the Catalan separatist parties want to insult the King again, sending Jordi Sánchez to the consultation round, and asks Sanchez if he so needs the seats of ERC and JxCat to have said nothing about this matter. "This is a joke in bad taste that we can not tolerate," he has sentenced.

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