• He says that PP and Citizens have to “row in the same direction to give an alternative to the left, which always agrees with the nationalists”
  • He gives as an example the City Council of Palencia, Administration where the PP took more votes than Citizens in the elections and, despite which, it was agreed that the mayor was of that political formation. "Hopefully bring the good example of Palencia nationwide soon"
  • He points out that “wherever the PP adds, Spain wins; and where the PSOE adds, Spain loses ”
  • He states that Sanchez is “in electoral key and that he must explain to his constituents why he does not want to agree with who has already agreed in other administrations”. "We to ours"
  • He says that "going back to elections would be irresponsible" and, although the Popular Party is prepared, it does not want the elections to be repeated
  • “We have to send the message to our constituents that we will be able to go with a program for joint Spain”

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