Press conference headlines

  • Married confident that Sanchez close a cooperation agreement with Podemos and regionalist parties "but not with independence" to be invested and wants that "as soon as possible" the legislature begins. "If it does not come out the first time, I'm convinced it will come out on the second ballot," he stresses.
  • Reiterates that the PP will not support Sanchez investiture or abstain in a second vote because it is "consistent with the mandate" of the Spanish for his party "lead the opposition."

  • Recognizes that the repetition of elections is an option that would not hurt the PSOE and the PP but points out that it would be "irresponsible" to subject Spaniards to a fifth process in three months. "It does not suit Spain and the Spanish do not deserve it," he says.

  • It reaches out to state pacts to recover coexistence and prosperity in Catalonia and warns that Navarra is becoming the "patio of operations of annexation and independence."

  • Ensures that this is not the time to talk about governments in the autonomous communities but to sit down and set priorities, being aware of the representation that each political formation has.

  • "The alternative for the mayoralty of Madrid is Almeida or Carmena," he says, referring to C's proposal to present Begoña Villacís to obtain the municipal leadership staff. "If other parties want to present themselves, they will have to explain it," said the popular leader, thanking Albert Rivera's party for the responsibility it is showing in the negotiations.

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