He says the PP "is in a position to lead the country" and appeals to the "union of the center forces" because the Spanish "want us to get out of this loop"

The National President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, said today that after the municipal and regional elections last May, "wherever the PP has joined, Spain has won."

In the traditional act of initiation of the political course, which was held today in Ávila, Pablo Casado has shown that the PP “is in a position to lead the country” and has appealed to the union of the center forces because the Spaniards want that "we agree to get out of this loop."

The leader of the PP has said that he hopes that Sanchez "is not so irresponsible as to take us back to the polls", but if he does, "let everyone know that the PP will unlock the situation."

In addition, he has announced that his party will shortly convene an Economic Convention to propose “once again what project it has for the day-to-day life of the Spaniards, to generate employment, opportunities, finance social affairs and pensions, lower taxes, attract international investment” In short, "improve the lives of those who get up early so that their country moves forward."


The national leader of the PP has lamented the outrage to which the agents of the Civil Guard and their families in Navarre were subjected yesterday, and wondered how it is possible that the Government has done nothing to stop it. In his opinion, it is essential to defend the State Security Forces and Bodies because they are the ones that protect us in democratic countries and those that guarantee our freedom.

He has also referred to the statements made by Quim Torra this week, asking that "the state be pressed", whatever the sentence in the trial of the you process. He has also denounced the security crisis that exists in Barcelona, ​​where there is a mayor who does nothing to solve it.

Pablo Casado has lamented that the mayors of coastal cities have to “be aware of tweets” to know when the next “wave of illegal immigration” will be and has criticized the “blows” of the Socialist Executive on immigration, defending the legitimacy of the PP to say how things have to be done in this area because in the 90s he managed the arrival of five million immigrants in an orderly manner.


In his speech, the national president of the PP has denounced the “hypocritical threat” of Sanchez asking the constitutionalist forces to support him “so that he does not agree with the independentists”, and that the “electoral utility” makes him “not yet close a I agree that it costs too many ministries. ”

Finally, Casado has opposed the “three months of uncertainty” in which Spain has been plunged, with a president “who wants to be in office and who uses the budget of all Spaniards to finance electoral campaigns,” to a Popular Party that has known to "steer the ship in the worst storms."

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