Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy headlines in Segovia

  • He emphasizes that on November 10 there are many reasons to go to the polls and very few to not do so. “For unemployment data to become employment data; so that there is coexistence instead of intolerance; that our institutional model and the State Security Forces and Bodies be respected or that they are not held outdoors in the radicals, ”he explains.
  • He stresses that the 10N is an opportunity for a government to get to work and dialogue with those with whom agreements can be reached "and not with those who want the destruction of the democratic and institutional system."
  • He affirms that joining forces around the PP would put into operation a government that looks to the future, to families, and works for employment and tolerance, something that with the PSOE these months "has blown up."
  • It affects that Pablo Casado will govern “with the very clear priorities: the same as the rest of Spaniards”.
  • He criticizes that Sanchez forgot half of Catalonia when he went hand in hand with the independentists in the motion of censure, "Catalans who do not deserve to see how their municipalities are filled with radicals' flames." "Just leave some matches on the table for some to light the flame," he warns.
  • He assures that the socialist government is a drag for Segovia because there are many investments that are not being carried out.
  • Underlines that with the PP in the National Executive, Segovia has improved its investments and budgets. Likewise, he hopes that the work of the last months of the Segovia PP will pay off and improve the electoral results.

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