Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Casado requires Batet to comply with the formula endorsed by the TC to acquire the status of deputy to avoid the "humiliations" that occurred in April. "Yes I swear or yes I promise, there are no other formulas," he says.
  • He announces that he has asked the presidencies of the Congress and the Senate to send a letter communicating to all the elected deputies and senators the formula to acquire the full status of parliamentarian and to put all the means of the chambers so that the formula that they have reflected employee.

  • He requests that the parliamentarian be notified individually if he acquires or not the status of deputy and, if not, invite him to leave the chamber. "If you take valid oaths that are not, you may face administrative penalties," he warns.

  • “The sanitary cordon is being practiced for us,” says Casado in reference to the PSOE negotiations with Bildu who has not condemned the killings of ETA and with party leaders convicted of sedition. "I am seeing something that worries me, not to say that I am ashamed," he says.

  • “The PP has lost its respect in recent years and I will not tolerate it,” the PP leader ditch.

  • "The PP is not going to weave any sanitary cordon around constitutionalist parties", something that, in his opinion, the PSOE should do with ERC, JpCat and Bildu.

  • "They are building a government in the crater of a volcano," he says, and demands that Sánchez explain "what he is doing with Spain." "The PP will not be complicit in a government that leads us to failure, they have chosen their allies," he replies in reference to the PSOE.

  • It undertakes to guarantee the stability of the Government through pacts but not to invest Sanchez. "He can't pretend we get contaminated by his road map," he emphasizes.

  • “The PP is not asked for an abstention. They are asked 56 yeses ”, Casado complains to point out that a coalition government would leave as the only alternative to oppose Vox and Podemos.

  • “My responsibility is not to try to prolong the agony (of a Sánchez Government) for another year. It is to make clear that we are up to the responsibilities because when it fails – which will fail – there will be an alternative in the centrist, reliable and patriotic PP ”.

  • It rejects more assignments to the governments of Catalonia and the Basque Country, asks the Government to ensure the recovery of the State throughout Spain, "since it can become a failed State if the national unity continues to be broken down into competitive transfers."

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